Steve Jackson Games Annual Report

sjg.jpgThursday marked the release of Steve Jackson Games’ 2008 annual Report to the Stakeholders. In it Steve Jackson reports on the state of the company as well as product plans for the upcoming year. Of particular note is the continued dedication to the Munchkin card game line (including the addition of the Munchkin Quest board game) and the release of GURPS RPG core books in electronic download form through the e23 web store. Another interesting tidbit from the report… Steve claims the Daily Illuminator section of their website as the first internet blog.


2 Responses to “Steve Jackson Games Annual Report”

  1. chattydm Says:

    Old Steve is tired of runnign a company and wants to go back to game design ehh? Can’t say I blame him.

    I used to be the biggest SJG fan. I had everything from them or almost. Ogre, Car Wars, Gurps, Munchkin…

    But somehow they seem to have missed the d20 RPG design cycle and are more or less ‘stuck’ with this one game… a bit like a comic book author running around with the same storylines.

    I hope he gets at least a few more things out… how old is Steve anyway?

  2. More Core GURPS in PDF « Purple Pawn - Game News Across the Board Says:

    […] in PDF Posted on March 14, 2008 by David Following up on the commitment made in the annual Report to the Stakeholders, Steve Jackson Games has released the second core GURPS book, Campaigns, in electronic format. The […]

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