Traveller is Back from Mongoose Publishing

Traveller, one of the first sci-fi RPGs, returns in a new version from Mongoose publishing.

The first edition was published by GDW in 1977.


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5 Responses to “Traveller is Back from Mongoose Publishing”

  1. Zeroed Says:

    Oh my… I think I got one of these still lying around here… – okay, that’s not entirely true. I know I have it, and I know exactly where it’s shrine is ^^

    Ever looked at the designs of the ships with a certain George-Lucas-ish movie series in mind? Some resemblance, I gotta say..

  2. Yehuda Says:

    Can’t say that I have. I just remember the ads for the game on the back of my Dragon magazines.


  3. Zeroed Says:

    Check this one out – it’s not from the first print IIRC, and it’s rather small, but it shows my point ;)

    or this one, though I don’t remember it being in one of the books I own…

    It is a great game with a lot of flair to it.. if you’re looking for some classic Sci-Fi, give this one a try

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