Early Leaks and Ships of 4e D&D

Hasbro was none too happy to discover that complete electronic editions of their new 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons hads already been leaked and downloaded. They think they know who did it and are “moving forward on handling it appropriately”.

Of course, given that this event has inspired new publicity, as well as more interest in the game, it’s hard to see how this has really hurt them.

About 100 copies of the game were also erroneously sold prematurely on Buy.com.


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Guardian on Mathematicians and Puzzles

The Guardian has a nice article on mathematicians and the time thy spend with puzzles and games. Including the question: “[is there] something self-indulgent, even wasteful, about the finest minds in mathematics spending their time working on pastimes such as juggling, pine cone counting or even puzzle solving?”

The article ends with three puzzles to solve.


Flat Rate Shipping This Weekend at Columbia Games

For $5, you can get the entire Columbia Games catalog shipped to you in the U.S. this weekend.

Other flat rate shipping prices for this weekend are $10 to Canada, and $15 international.


Coalescence by Gizmet Game

Coalescence is a new sci-fi themed abstract strategy game for 2 to 5 players from Gizmet Gameworks.

Players move rings and fusion crystals trying to capture the most valuable planets.

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Ground Zero The Game

From the site:

The Game that allows you to sense the hypocrisy of the New York Politician or the embrace what it means to stare treachery and adversity head on as a Rescue Worker. With the roll of each dice sense the tenacity of the first responder even while being used as a political pawn.

Ground Zero – The Board Game Developed by two former members of the elite Manhattan South Task Force of the NYPD, together they have channeled their frustration over the incompetence of our elected officials into a self deprecating eye opening view that the rest of the nation, especially during this presidential race must comprehend in order to make an informed choice. It is with the utmost respect to those personally effected by the tragedies of September 11, 2001 that this ‘game’ was developed. After you play this ‘game’ decide if you want any of these characters playing with our nations future.

Ground Zero

Coder Needed to Turn Board Game into Flash

There’s an open project on Getacoder for turning a board game into Flash.

You could earn $1000 to $3000.


Design Playing Cards in the UK “Suit You Sir?” Competition

Richard Edward, playing card manufacturer, has launched a playing card design competition called “Suit you sir?”

In cooperation with the Make Your Mark campaign, aimed at inspiring youths to pursue creative business projects, as well as Waddington’s No 1 playing cards (URL?), The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards (how’s that for a wacky British company name?), and Greewich EBP, the competition asks you create 54 cards in the hope of having Richard print them and then working together with his company.