Dirge, a Light War Game from Small Box Games

Dirge: Carnage in Crimson is a light action-point based war game from Small Box Games.

You play with six fantasy figures in an all-out brawl. The player with the last figures standing wins.



3 Responses to “Dirge, a Light War Game from Small Box Games”

  1. mike Says:

    Not to be particular, but us wargamers would never call a game that centers around “six fantasy figures” a wargame. A fantasy game perhaps, but never, ever a wargame.

  2. Yehuda Says:

    Huh. OK. Is it the genre or the small number of figures that excludes its categorization as a war game?


  3. David Says:

    Not to speak for Mike, but in this case, it’s probably the combination of both. Combat alone does not generally make a game a war game. With no hard-and-fast rules, categorization is in the eye of the beholder (see, for example, the dispute over whether Memoir ’44 should be considered a war game). However, to be a war game, a game generally must model some aspect of a war. War in a fantasy or science fiction universe is acceptable. Small unit focus is acceptable (see Advanced Squad Leader). But a gladiator-style fight would not count for most war gamers.

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