Guy Debord: Maxism, Leninism, and Board Games

Guy Debord was a Marxist theorist, French writer, filmmaker, hypergraphist and founding member of the groups Lettrist International and Situationist International.

Apparently, he also considered his greatest work to be a board game he designed called The Art of War. It looks something like a convoluted Chess game and war game cross. on the game:

Beside the usual fighting pieces of cavalry, infantry, artillery and the arsenal, Game of War also includes units for communication. While military units move at given speeds per turn across the board, the lines of communication, so long as they are not broken, are instantaneous and direct … units cannot move or engage unless they remain in communication with their arsenal, making lines of communication particularly vital. Players are usually more concerned with breaking the adversary’s lines of communication than with offensive action directed against either the adversary’s arsenal, or fighting units.

The descriptions in both of the following sources otherwise contain a whole lot about the game’s ideology without actually describing the rules.

(bookforum,, hat tip to Jonathan Franklin)


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