Dwarves of Karma

Karmic Races: Dwarves, the new roleplaying product from Bards and Sages Publishing, provides background information on the classic fantasy race. In addition to the typical stuff, like new subraces and stories about the Dwarves origins, this book also explores unique Dwarven medical conditions. And as with the previous publication in this series, Karmic Races: Elves, the Dwarves book is designed for Bards and Sages’s upcoming Karma Roleplaying System—though the company claims it contains plenty of system-neutral material.

By the way, an interesting concept to release the supplements before the core rules.

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    […] 22, 2008 by David Bards and Sages Publishing continues with its unique approach of publishing the supplements before the core rulebook. Now for the Karma roleplaying system, Bards and Sages has released Karmic Places: Chochokpi […]

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