Geek Fight! CCG Will Poke Fun at Gamers

Kale, aka Charon, sent me a few more details about his upcoming advertiser supported CCG, Geek Fight!

The setting for the first set is actually a gaming convention, and it was inspired by a movement for “geek fight clubs” seen in some areas. In the cards you will see all of your favorite geeks, ranging from “The Unwashed” to the “Obsessive Fangirl”, and even “The Grognard” and “Man-Faye” himself. The “Sword of 1000 Souls” is actually an inside joke with one of my friends, and is intended to be overpowered.

Getting the rules and cards ready is a real chore, but I am reaching the finish line. I also have a list of sponsors that is growing rather quickly, and that will be posted on the site ASAP.

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One Response to “Geek Fight! CCG Will Poke Fun at Gamers”

  1. Charon Says:

    If we can’t make fun of ourselves, who can we make fun of?

    I am throwing myself directly into the fray in a couple of forms. My incarnation “Charon” is being used as my personal business card at Dragon*Con and is one of the few cards in the first set you have to get directly from a rep (this time only me) to increase face time and add incentive to communication. I am also adding the “Card Flopper” simply because I can no longer deny who I am!

    Also, next month I plan on having another promo available. This one is available to the masses!

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