Gamer Dome Launches Game Design Wiki

The Gamer Dome‘s new wiki is for tabletop game designers to post ideas and receive community feedback. The exact idea is a bit hard to follow, but the essence seems to be a place to create variants: scenarios, new cards, expansions, and so on.

Gaining access to the wiki is a bit of a pain: you need to register with Wikidot, and you also need to subscribe to the Gamer Dome blog feed, find the announcement post, and find a separate password at the end of it. But what confuses me most is the terms from the announcement: “Most of the projects will be community-driven, and I’ll have final say over inclusion and rules disputes; however, regular contributors have the opportunity to become admins themselves, and private development space may become available!”

That doesn’t sound like a community driven wiki to me. Perhaps I misunderstand the intention of this thing.


3 Responses to “Gamer Dome Launches Game Design Wiki”

  1. Propagandroid Says:


    An excellent criticism. That text was leftover from an earlier iteration of the site, and was very confusing. I’ve changed the introduction to read:

    “This wiki is a shared design space and homebrew archive for roleplaying games, board games, card games, and collectible card and miniature games. I’ve started us off with a few projects, but feel free to bring your own! Whether you’re a board and card game designer looking for iterations on your latest project or a dedicated DM looking to flesh out part of your campaign world more quickly than you could do it alone, this is the place. Just join up, make a new section for your project (FAQ will be up soon, including a step-by-step process for starting your own project), and start attracting people to it!”

    As for the registration issue, the multiple steps are intentional (I wish I could do it without having you register for a wikidot account, but it’s not possible). I’m not trying to cast a wide net and build as large a community as possible, I’m trying to attract folks who are excited by the idea of a community design space, whether they’re designers or people who love to contribute to designs.

    This link… …goes straight to the post where I give the wiki password, and signing up for the feed is just something I hope people will do.

    Thanks for the constructive feedback!


  2. Propagandroid Says:

    Not sure if you can put this in the original comment, since they require moderation, but:

    I’ve also put the password directly on the Wiki join page. You helped me realize that it was one step too many.

  3. The Gamer Dome Wiki update Says:

    […] up to 48 members! I consider this a pretty big acheivement, since as Yehuda pointed out, the registration process is a bit […]

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