Rally Ho, the RV Board Game

Rally Ho is a trivia game about campers, aka recreational vehicles (RVs), made for the people who drive and live in them.

It’s available from RV Art Gallery, which also distributes assorted RV illustrated dominoes and playing cards.

Free Wall-E Board Game for Download

Pixar is offering a Wall-E board game available free to download, including board, pieces, cards, die, and rules. Wall-E is Pixar’s latest mega-hit animated movie.

Get it from the official site.

The game looks something like Robo Rally, except you roll dice instead of playing cards.

Weird Times at Charles Fort High

Weird Times at Charles Fort High is a downloadable RPG from Hex Games.

Charles Fort High is a lot like your typical All-American high school in your typical All-American town. It’s filled with jocks, geeks, and stoners. There are cheerleaders, an AV club, an FFA chapter, and plenty of outcasts, misfits, and aliens. The difference is that at most schools, the homecoming queen can’t levitate a truck with her mind and the aliens were usually born on this planet. Fort High is an exceptional school for exceptional individuals, where super-humans, robots, mad scientists, and more go to class, join clubs, play sports, and work ceaselessly to get laid.

Hex games is an RPG company dedicated to light material, including their Quick Ass Game System, tools such as The Book of Dumb Tables, and modules such as The Dungeon of Moderate Annoyance. (I keep expecting to see John Kovalic’s artwork on their products.)

Mini Lego Chess Set

LEGO makes various fancy chess sets, such as this Castle Chess Set, this Vikings Chess Set, and this Knights Kingdom Chess Set, but none match the simplicity (and low cost) of this mini travel Chess Set by Robert Chaplin.

The pieces all tuck into the bottom of the set when not in use.


Even Dead Vikings Played Board Games

Excavations uncovered 23 game pieces that Vikings placed in boats they in which they placed their dead.

Vikings were notorious game players, and this discovery indicates that they believed that their fallen comrades played even while making their journey to the afterlife.


Lock ‘n Load: A Day of Heroes

The latest offering from Lock ‘n Load Publishing is a tactical war game depicting the battle between the U.S. military and Somali militia in Mogadishu, Somalia on October 3, 1993. Lock ‘n Load: A Day of Heroes includes a map of the market section of Mogadishu; over 150 counters illustrated to represent combatants, road blocks, and equipment; nine scenarios; a player’s aide card; and dice. Though a module of the Lock ‘n Load tactical game system, nothing else is required to play this game.

2008 Origins Awards

Dave Chalker, reporting live from the Origins Game Fair, has posted the results of the annual Origins Awards over at Critical-Hits. The Academy of Adventure Gaming, Arts & Design nominates products for the awards, but final selection is by votes of Origins convention attendees. And the winners are…

I’ll put in a personal recommendation for Hobby Games: The 100 Best. The book is comprised of 100 essays, each written by a different established professional in the games business to describe their individual choice for best hobby game. You may not agree with all the entries, but the collection provides fantastic insight into the breadth and history of the hobby games industry.