Rogue Games Offers :16 … Sort Of

Rogue Games has a new game out called :16. You try to wield your celebrity power, gaining status and spinning rumors about your opponents.

Only it’s not out. Exactly.

:16 is a card game that Rogue Games believes in, but we are unsure what the reaction to it will be. What we have decided to do is offer a free prototype of the game. This game has been tested and is ready for play. What we hope you do is play it and let us know what you think.

I don’t know how they can “believe in the game” and consider it “tested and ready for play” but still think it needs Beta testing.

(the game)

One Response to “Rogue Games Offers :16 … Sort Of”

  1. Richard Says:

    Hello. Maybe I can clear up the confusion.

    We believe int he game, but we are not sure if they game will be liked by a wider audience. Card games are tricky and what a publisher might like, players might hate. In addition we are a small company, and the printing of a card game, which is risky in and of itself, is even riskier if you are a small company.

    So what we have decided to do is put the prototype out and see what people think. A prototype for a card game is a complete playable game without the art and and graphic design. It is low tech, and that is due to the nature of a prototype.

    Before starting Rogue Games, I was a freelance game designer of card games. When shopping a card game to publishers you had to have a ready prototype. This prototype, minus the art, should be ready to go into production. For ;16 this is what we have done. It is a complete game. You can play as is, without the use of art.

    In short, we believe in the game, as a game, but as a game that we will invest our capital in, we are not sure.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.


    Richard Iorio
    Rouge Games

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