Skipping the GSL

As our reader Greylond pointed out, Kenzer and Company’s recent release of Kingdoms of Kalamar for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition is not being done under the GSL (Wizards of the Coast’s license for third-party products for 4e). But Kenzer isn’t the only major d20 publisher to pass on the GSL. Green Ronin Publishing has announced that it will produce only one product for 4e, a folio of character record sheets, and that under the OGL (Wizards previous license for D&D 3.5). Thereafter, Green Ronin will be focusing on supporting its own game systems, including Mutants & Masterminds, True20, and A Song of Ice and Fire. As we reported before, Paizo, a previous publisher of Dragon and Dungeon magazines, will be sticking with D&D 3.5 in the form of new core rulebooks for its Pathfinder RPG. And Adamant Entertainment also has decided to forgo the GSL. While Adamant will produce 4e-compatible products through its Venture 4th product line, the company will not be signing the GSL. In general, I gather these companies have just found the GSL to present too great a risk.

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One Response to “Skipping the GSL”

  1. T. Derscheid Says:

    I thought this also had to do with the delay that WotC introduced into the system. Green Ronin et al. didn’t get a chance to review the rules or the license agreement for quite a while, forcing them to concentrate on their other projects.

    Small wonder they took their toys and played elsewhere.

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