New From Hasbro

Clue: Could it have been Scarlet with the Barbell in the Spa? New weapons and rooms, and a deck of Intrigue Cards adds that can help you solve the crime faster, or result in a second victim.

Several Noodleboro games

Partini: Another multi-genre game, with acting, music, clay sculpting, description, funny, and shooting skills.

Pictureka: Pick a card and find the item on the busy game board as fast as possible.

Risk: Comes with capitals and cities.

Scrabble Diamond Anniversary edition

The Moment of Truth: Based on the reality show.

Trivial Pursuit: They’ve got a 25th Anniversary edition. In addition, they have a Digital Choice edition, which is an electronic gizmo with 600 questions pre-loaded, and the ability to download an additional 1,800 questions in categories of your choosing.

The Dangerous Book For Boys: Based on the book.

Stratego: This edition can be played the classic way, or with special powers for the knights, wizards, and dragons.

Free shipping on $50 order if you enter the code SUMFS.


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