A Whole Lot of Game Tournaments Going On

Seems like a whole lot of gaming going on this week:

The first International Chess festival in Jerusalem is underway. Check out the funky costumes at the opening ceremonies outside the Old City. (UPDATE: pictures)

The 2008 U.S. National Magic: the Gathering Championship in Chicago. $20,000 worth of prizes to take home, not to mention invitations to Worlds, laptops, Ipods, blah blah.

Conneticon is a large comic, sci-fi, and gaming conference in Hartford, CT.

Defcon7 in Tulsa.

Fandemonium in Idaho.

Mechcon in Lafayette.

New England Gaming Association in Maine.

Ancient City Con in Jacksonville.

The World Board Gaming Championships are next week. Over 100 games to be played. If you like playing seriously, this is the event.

And Gen Con is the week after that.

One Response to “A Whole Lot of Game Tournaments Going On”

  1. David Says:

    How do you like that? I’m traveling to Jacksonville on business this Sunday and staying in the very same hotel as Ancient City Con. Only the con end at 6:00 and I arrive at 7:00!

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