Don’t Pick Your Nose, the Game

Don’t Pick Your Nose is one of three … products from 4bambini, makers of educational … products. I hesitate to call them games, as they are simply flash card matching activities, but you can decide after watching their slick marketing video.


One Response to “Don’t Pick Your Nose, the Game”

  1. Vassili Says:


    I wanted to thank you for highlighting and Don’t Pick Your nose!, our first board game for children 3 to 8

    Our three games, 1) Don’t pick your nose, 2) Diversity and 3) Watch Out! are designed for small children and therefore need to be simple in form and design.

    This “classic” or “conservative’ format was extensively tested with children, teachers& parents. The children are happy with the simple rules because they can focus on winning (which, from experience, includes screaming the answer of the card turned over) and the teachers are happy with the speed at which the answers are memorized.

    In a world where children’s senses are bombarded right and left with electronics, sounds and software, we gave priority to simplicity.

    After 2 years on the market, we are happy to receive many emails from parents expressing their surprise at the impact the games have – the very reason why my wife and I started this project in the first place in 2003.

    Vassili le Moigne

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