Herland RPG Setting: All Female PCs

Intended for “cross-dressers, transsexuals, and players who want a challenge”, Herland will be an all-women setting designed for use with the QAGS 2nd Edition rules from Hex Games.


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4 Responses to “Herland RPG Setting: All Female PCs”

  1. TJS Says:

    “cross-dressers, transexuals, [and such]”

    Because, y’know, no actual *players* are themselves women. Sheesh.

  2. Yehuda Says:

    Ah-yup. Maybe Hex Games simply thinks that no women play their games.


  3. T. Derscheid Says:

    Uh, this concept has been done before, and with more class…

    RPG visionary/gadfly Ron Edwards wrote “Trollbabes” where all the PCs are warrior women. It’s an RPG with a rulebook that’s a good read, bases gameplay around minimal stats that force balanced characters, and has Edwards’ focus on strong storytelling.

  4. Leighton Connor Says:

    Hi, Leighton from Hex Games here. Thanks for mentioning Herland! We’ll be releasing it later this month. It’s a well-written setting, a 1984-style future dystopia, and I hope people check it out.

    Now that you mention it, that crossdressing line from the marketing copy does sound strange. It’s meant to be tongue in cheek, and I thought that came across in context. Maybe not. I definitely don’t want to imply that no women play our games. We have quite a few female fans, which is one of the reasons I’m excited about releasing this women-centric book.

    Hope that clears things up. When we release the actual PDF, I’ll write new marketing copy that will, hopefully, give a better sense of what the book’s about.

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