Gormiti is a new toy brand from (update) Italy but popular in the UK. From the Squidoo page:

Gormiti – The Invincible Lords of Nature are small characters engaged in a struggle to conquer the Island of Gorm.

The magnificent island of Gorm was once inhabited by peaceful, nature loving people until Magmion, the Lord of Magma destroyed everything they knew. By awakening the sleeping volcano Fire Mountain, Magmion destroyed the entire island and all of its inhabitants.
Only the wise Old Sage survived and using his extraordinary powers he gave life to new creatures to rebuild their once great island. From the natural elements the Old Sage created the Gormiti tribes.

The Gormiti have magical powers taken from the tribes they are linked to:

Earth -Yellow figures
Forest – Green figures
Sea – Turquoise figures
Air – Blue figures

Magmion created the bad volcano tribes – Magma and Lava (Red figures). Which heroes will emerge in this titanic struggle? Who will survive and rule the island of Gorm?

Following a bunch of blister packs and playsets, you can now buy Gormiti – Island of Gorm, which is some sort of game. It’s not clear exactly what sort, but it might be something like Heroscape???


2 Responses to “Gormiti”

  1. Surya Says:

    I think it’s actually from Italy.

    It’s way simpler than HeroScape though. Each figure has exactly one stat, and the rules are basic as can ben (I’ve been told)

  2. Yehuda Says:

    Thanks. I found what i believe to be the company’s website and updated the post.


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