Sixteen, the Card Game

Sixteen is a card game from the single-game company Alpine Games. It’s accumulated some good reviews, and comes with instructions in four languages.

From the BGG description:

Each player is dealt three cards. The remaining cards are placed face-down in the middle of the table as the draw pile. The cards are numbered 0-6. There are two of every card, but only one zero card for each suit. There are also two wild cards. Players take turns, picking a card, and then adding a card to a fanned-out, face-up play pile.

There are two ways to win a set: when the face-up cards total 16, or when the last three cards in the win pile are all the same color or number. If the play pile goes over 16, a “bust” is declared and the other player gets the win. The player with the most sets when all cards have been played wins the round.


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