Space Marine Preview

GW Cover for Codex:SM

Games Workshop is back in the news again!  In addition to yesterday’s awesome news, GW has released a preview of the new Codex: Space Marines.  The preview includes a look at the section on space marine chapters, force organization and color schemes.  This newest iteration of the codex won’t be available until October 4th, but here are a few of the changes that have already been leaked:

  • The book is massive – nearly double the size of the 4th edition codex
  • Lots of forces get nerfed (psychic powers, weapon choices and Whirlwinds)
  • Librarians have two powers for free
  • Scout bikes have lots of new upgrades (like homing beacons and booby traps)
  • Legion of the Damned are now available as an elite choice
  • Assault veterans can assault on the same turn they deep strike

Thanks to the rabid acolytes at Dakka Dakka for collecting this list of changes and many more!


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