War for Edadh – the Alternative Tactical Game

WarriorElite has published their first game, War for Edadh.  In War for Edahd, players take control of one of several forces in a struggle for dominance.  In the game, players create forces of units and leaders represented on individual cards.  The foces line up against one another and engage in direct conflict, using their strength to face off against one another.  The game’s rules and a set of sample cards are available on thier website.  The artwork is interesting, though the choice of black and white may limit its appeal, but the game’s rules are definitely unique and are most likely to appeal to non-collectible card game fans.  War for Edadh will officially launch on October 2nd.


3 Responses to “War for Edadh – the Alternative Tactical Game”

  1. Nigel pyne Says:

    qoute “The artwork is interesting, though the choice of black and white may limit its appeal,”

    Are you referring to the cards themselves or the website and in either case I’m interested (obviously) to know why it may limit the appeal of the game. Clarification would be much appreciated.


  2. rjoshstreet Says:

    A little bit of both. Obviously, there are splashes of color, but the overall impression is very black and white. The comment about appeal is two-fold: 1) there have been games with a similar aesthetic previously that were unable to catch broader interest 2) is more practical – white text on black background is a bit rough on the eyes (harsh contrast).

  3. Nigel pyne Says:

    Yeah, we’ve had mention of the website white on black and are going to add the facility for individuals to reverse the look so you’ll get black text on a white background.

    As far as the cards go we’ve spent time ensuring that all the figures and notes are clear and as you won’t actually be referring constantly to these we’ve had no complaints at all from gamers regarding them.

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