Sale at Warehouse 23

The game sales arm of Steve Jackson Games has announced an amazing clearance sale.  Basically, you’re looking at products with discounts starting at 50%! There’s a good selection of Rio Grande Games and Atlas Games products, as well as a few gems from Days of Wonder and t-shirts.  Some of the items that are likely of interest to our readers are:

  • Caylus (Rio Grande Games) for $27.50
  • BattleLore (Days of Wonder/FFG) for $35
  • Memoir ’44 (Days of Wonder) for $25
  • Fantasy Bestiary (Atlas Games) for $10
  • Dork 20 Deck (SJG) for $2

Supplies are limited and these prices are extraordinary.

Update (9/11/2008): All of the titles mentioned above, with the exception of Fantasy Bestiary and Dork 20, are sold out as well as most of the board games that we didn’t mention!


2 Responses to “Sale at Warehouse 23”

  1. Propagandroid Says:

    I appreciate the heads up, I picked up Caylus at a great price (assuming they don’t sell out before shipping my order!).

  2. rjoshstreet Says:

    No doubt…need to get over my own indecisiveness and pick up that uber-cheap Memoir ’44 while I still can!

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