Tools for Rolling Dice

Dice are a common element of many games. And whether it’s because of limited space or just an interest in cool accessories, many gamers use dice towers (also know as dice boots) to control their rolls. If you’re interested in assembling your own, you can purchase plans with step-by-step instructions from Blue Panther on DriveThruRPG. Free directions for making a foamboard dice tower are available on Instructables. Alternatively, for high-style or custom designs, there’s VixenTor Games, where dice towers in the form of waterfalls, haunted castles, and winged dragons are available for $75 to $300.


2 Responses to “Tools for Rolling Dice”

  1. Czar Says:

    Is -that- what they’re for! I’ve seen them advertised on other websites without an explanation of what they’re for. Of course, I was too embarrassed to ask, fearing I’d be labeled some variant of a newbie (perhaps the dreaded `Uber nOOber`)

    And thanks for the links. My wife plays insane amount of Yatzee at work (night shift nurse in a hospital) with coworkers and they roll on pillow cases to reduce noise. If I build one of these just right and use enough foam/felt, perhaps she could use it at instead.

  2. David Says:

    Yep. Your drop your dice in the top. They tumble down around the baffles inside and roll out onto the tray. Dice towers are especially good if you need to roll many dice at once, if there’s not much room on the table, or if you’re afraid a die will knock the pieces around your board. Or some people just like the way the dice sound when they tumble down the tower.

    Keep that in mind if you’re building one for quiet. You have to cushion the tray and the baffles.

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