The Ever-Popular “Man Don’t Get Mad About It” Game

Game Zone posted an article about a new game for mobile phones called Man Don’t Get Mad About It. They said it was based on a “well known and popular classic board game”. And that was it.

I wracked my brains trying to figure out what game this could be. Couldn’t guess. Finally I went to the publisher’s web site, only to find that they used the same words: “based on a popular board game”. I finally figured out which board game from the screenshot:

Of course: “Sorry!” Get it?

I’m wondering if the Scrabulous fiasco made them skittish about naming their game inspiration. If so, why couldn’t they just say “Pachisi”, which is hundreds of years old and not copyrighted?


2 Responses to “The Ever-Popular “Man Don’t Get Mad About It” Game”

  1. msaari Says:

    The title is a direct translation of the German name of the game, Mens Argere Dich Nicht. I wonder if the publisher’s German?

  2. James Says:

    And it looks a lot like Aggravation, the classic version of which can be seen here:

    But of course they all go back to pachisi.

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