Your Moves Games And TOG Entertainment Aren’t Fighting

It’s sad that when two companies work out their differences without public accusations or legal maneuvers that this seems to be newsworthy. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see.

TOG Entertainment came out with Shattered Sword, a tabletop card driven war game. Several players contacted Chad Ellis of Your Moves Games and told him that some of the design and layout of Shattered Sword looked similar to his game Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, also a card driven war game.

Chad maintains that he’s happy to have competition, but was concerned about consumer confusion, and therefore he:

  1. publicly berated TOG on use forums? No
  2. sued TOG for breach of copyright? No
  3. called Jim Mauro of TOG, explained his problem, and together they worked out a solution? Yes

Why is this so difficult for other companies?



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