Gearing Up for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Chitag is Nov 20 to 23, and they’re packing in the activities this year.

Nov 20 to 21 (or maybe 23) is the Toy and Game Inventors Expo. Meet the big guys from the industry, learn inside tips, and maybe hit it big.

Nov 21 is a new Toy and Game Inventor award presentation.

Nov 22 to 23 is the fair, with renaissance chess, a young inventor challenge, and tons of toy and game exhibitors.

Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Upper Calarian, Phillipines: Village councilor shot while playing a card game by two man riding tandem on a motorcycle. (source)

St Kitts, West Indies: One man sentenced for hitting another with a wooden stick after a Dominoes game. (source)

Yonkers, NY: Two men with shotguns rob 6 people at a private card game. (source)

Albany, NY: Card game broken up when a man breaks in and begins shooting. One man at the party arrested for outstanding warrant. (source)

Munchkin Booty

The latest in the Munchkin line of card games from Steve Jackson Games is on its way to retailers. Munchkin Booty is a stand-alone game but fully compatible with the original Munchkin. It’s got all the appropriate puns for a pirate-themed game that Munchkin fans would expect. I just gotta wonder, will we ever reach the point of enough Munchkin?

Family Friendly Game Store

We see these articles occasionally, profiling a local game store, the business owner, and the customers who show up to buy and play games. But this one stood out for Hastur Games & Comics’ (Salt Lake City, Utah) family friendly atmosphere. There you can apparantly find teenagers playing D&D while at the next table their parents play cards.


Fluxx in Dutch

Along with the new Monty Python Fluxx, you can now get Fluxx in Dutch. As well as Zombie Fluxx, Eco Fluxx, Jewish Fluxx, Spanish Fluxx, Christian Fluxx, German Fluxx, Japanese Fluxx, Stoner Fluxx, and a basket of cloth Flowers & Fluxx.

So many ways to annoy the hell out of me.

Field Marshal Combat Dice

Field Marshal Games is a new strategy game store, selling war, board, card, role-playing, and miniature games.

They also have an exclusive set of field marshal dice (pictured) for your Risk or A&A games, and a custom dice bag.

New at FoxMind

FoxMind Games has a number of new items available:

Abalone: Hardly a new game, must be new to Foxmind’s line of products.

Jungle Speed: Everyone flips cards, and, if two cards match, you have to be the first to grab the stick.

Meta-Form: Inductive and deductive logic puzzles.

Six: Lay tiles, be the first to form one of three shapes.

Oops: A Rush-hour like puzzle game of finding the right sequence of moves.

Zoologic: Another “make the right sequence of moves” puzzle game.

Architecto: Puzzle game of forming shapes.

Equilibrio: Ditto.

Kippit: Place cubes on the seesaw, trying to get rid of your pieces.

Shokoba: Match numbers to win the jewels on the table.

Memorico: Four games included, I don’t have any details.