Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Chicago, IL: Man returns from card game and is shot. He says he knows who killed him, but dies before he can say who it is. (source)

Queens, NY: Man found shot dead in his car believe to have been killed for his dominoes winnings. (source)

Edneyville, NC: Man stabbed in fight over a card game. (source)

Casal di Principe, Italy: One man at a card game shot 18 times in a mafia execution, part of a mafia civil war. (source)

Luoyang, China: Not really a criminal incident, but … three victims of a multi-car crash (three killed, dozens injured) sit and play cards while waiting for police to arrive. (source)

San Diego, CA: Woman stabs mother to death during a card game. (source)

Mdantasane, South Africa: Four kids beaten up by police who caught them playing dice. (source)

Phomolong, South Africa: Man shot to death by police while playing dice game. (source)

Note: I think we should add “don’t play dice games in public in South Africa” to our previous rule “don’t play dominoes in public in Jamaica”.

Athens, GA: Passerby shot in foot when passing by an argument over a craps game. (source)

NYC, NY: 13 year old boy shot dead while chatting with friends playing dice. (source)

Covington, GA: Four guys shot and robbed at a dice game. The shooter was known to the men, and didn’t actually get a lot of money for his trouble. (source)

Chess, but not Poker, in Prison

The Weatherford Democrat has an article up about how board games are used to keep the inmate population happy and calm. Discipline issues are dealt with by denying the offender board game privileges.

Chess, cards, dominoes, Risk, and Monopoly are allowed. Texas Hold’em isn’t.

Offenders aren’t eligible to participate in these tournaments if they’ve been any sort of disciplinary problem. Disciplinary problems range from being caught with contraband to disrespecting staff. You have to really follow the rules to be able to compete this way. These chess players here are already starting to make the right moves in life, and that’s why they can be here.


Quantum of Solace Playing Cards

In time for the release of the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, Cartamundi has a couple of new playing cards with James Bond themes: James Bond posters, Bond girls, and scenes from Quantum of Solace.

They’ve also got Beatles and Star Wars playing cards, among others, as well and exclusive cards games.


Foto Feud: Open Source Picture Trading Game

Debby Pozza has invented a game called Foto Feud that she hopes will be the next blah blah, etc etc…

Basically, you play cards in a rummy like fashion, stealing cards from other players or from the discard pile, and trying to form sets. Looks harmless enough.

What I like is that she’s made the game open source. Not only are the rules online, she encourages visitors to make their own version of the game using their own photos. All templates are freely available for downloading. That’s pretty cool thinking, Debby.


Duplicate Poker Shuts It’s Doors

After only a few months of operations, and after securing a patent for its methods only this month, Duplicate Poker is shutting down.

It’s reasons: “Caught in the middle of the global financial situation the company is not able to continue to provide service.”

Kind of vague. But one wonders what other online gaming services are going to be “caught in the middle” of this crisis.

Playing Cards at Armageddon

Blacksburg Tactical Research Group has released a new print-and-play card game with the title End of Days. It’s a look at the fictional early days of the Cold War space race where astronomers discover a massive asteroid on a deadly collision course with Earth. In order to safely evacuate select people from your own nation to Mars, you must build rockets with the support and cooperation of other countries (players) while at the same time secretly trying to sabotage their projects. The base game is being sold for $6.00 at DriveThruRPG; an expansion is available separately for $1.00.

1st World Mind Sports Games Begin

The 1st World Mind Sports Games have started in China.

100 countries/areas will play Bridge, Go, Chess, Checkers, and Xiang-qi (Chinese Chess) from Oct 3 to Oct 18, in pairs, youth, blitz, and individual competitions.

Videos of the matches will be available on the site.