The Ever-Popular “Man Don’t Get Mad About It” Game

Game Zone posted an article about a new game for mobile phones called Man Don’t Get Mad About It. They said it was based on a “well known and popular classic board game”. And that was it.

I wracked my brains trying to figure out what game this could be. Couldn’t guess. Finally I went to the publisher’s web site, only to find that they used the same words: “based on a popular board game”. I finally figured out which board game from the screenshot:

Of course: “Sorry!” Get it?

I’m wondering if the Scrabulous fiasco made them skittish about naming their game inspiration. If so, why couldn’t they just say “Pachisi”, which is hundreds of years old and not copyrighted?

Duplicate Poker Shuts It’s Doors

After only a few months of operations, and after securing a patent for its methods only this month, Duplicate Poker is shutting down.

It’s reasons: “Caught in the middle of the global financial situation the company is not able to continue to provide service.”

Kind of vague. But one wonders what other online gaming services are going to be “caught in the middle” of this crisis.

Bella Sara Babies

See kids? If you want to keep getting mentioned on a news site, keep coming out with interesting news.

Bella Sara, makers of a popular on- and off-line fantasy horse CCG, is coming out with “Baby Bella”, an expansion to their core game.

Bella Sara is fun, educational, inspirational, beautiful, and non-violent. So there.

Talisman on XBox Live Arcade!

The classic Games Workshop adventure game of the 80’s, Talisman, has been enjoying a bit of renaissance lately, with a third an fourth edition released and the license being picked up by Fantasy Flight Games.  And now we have word that Capcom will be brinigng the game to X-Box Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network and PC gamers!  We don’t know much about the game at this point other than it’ll go for about $10 US (800 Gamer Points) and is being developed by Big Rooster (the same guys behind the Wings of War adaptation).

UPDATE: Per the comments, this title seems to be in limbo.  Capcom hasn’t officially killed the project, but it has dropped from the release schedule.  Sigh.

EA General Manager: Video Games Will Never Replace Board Games

General Manager and VP of Hasbro Studios at Electronic Arts, Chris Lange, wrote yesterday that video games will never replace board games.

One question I am often asked is whether interactive games will somehow replace the original board game versions.

I don’t see this at all. I believe there is just no replacement for getting your family together around the dining room table and playing a classic game of Monopoly. You just can’t replicate that time-honored tradition, and we don’t intend on trying.

There are things that we can do with interactive platforms around the TV that you can’t do with a board game. We really see them as complimentary experiences.

I genuinely believe that just about everybody who buys one of our products will have these board games in their closet and a large part of our marketing program is driving people back and forth between those two different play styles.


PBEM Star Empires Under Development

John Miller is working to get his play-by-email game Star Empires up and working by the beginning of next year. This is a reworking of an older version of the game that was previously working on the same site.

Each game will be 6 to 8 players playing around 20 turns each, with plenty of time for alliances, diplomacy, and conflict. A large set of rules on the site indicates ship types and classes, background information, and game play.

Give John a swift kick if you want it done by year’s end.

3rd Expansion for Eye of Judgment

The third expansion for the hybrid ccg/video game Eye of Judgment will be released next month. The expansion contains 100 new cards and lots of marketese claims of greatness.

I saw EoJ when it came out last year, and the thing looked ugly, expensive, noisy, and cumbersome. I predicted it wouldn’t last long. Comments on Kotaku regarding this new expansion tend to confirm my prediction. But someone has to be buying this if they’re releasing an expansion.