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Licenses Keep Hasbro Floating

Hasbro continues to do well, buoyed by its lucrative licenses, such as Iron Man, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

Many see toys and games as the hot ticket during recessions, as they are cheaper than alternatives such as expensive video game systems, movies, or travel.

Hasbro’s shares are off 25% for the last two months, but still up from the beginning of the year.


Gearing Up for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Chitag is Nov 20 to 23, and they’re packing in the activities this year.

Nov 20 to 21 (or maybe 23) is the Toy and Game Inventors Expo. Meet the big guys from the industry, learn inside tips, and maybe hit it big.

Nov 21 is a new Toy and Game Inventor award presentation.

Nov 22 to 23 is the fair, with renaissance chess, a young inventor challenge, and tons of toy and game exhibitors.

Your Moves Games And TOG Entertainment Aren’t Fighting

It’s sad that when two companies work out their differences without public accusations or legal maneuvers that this seems to be newsworthy. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see.

TOG Entertainment came out with Shattered Sword, a tabletop card driven war game. Several players contacted Chad Ellis of Your Moves Games and told him that some of the design and layout of Shattered Sword looked similar to his game Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, also a card driven war game.

Chad maintains that he’s happy to have competition, but was concerned about consumer confusion, and therefore he:

  1. publicly berated TOG on use forums? No
  2. sued TOG for breach of copyright? No
  3. called Jim Mauro of TOG, explained his problem, and together they worked out a solution? Yes

Why is this so difficult for other companies?


Family Friendly Game Store

We see these articles occasionally, profiling a local game store, the business owner, and the customers who show up to buy and play games. But this one stood out for Hastur Games & Comics’ (Salt Lake City, Utah) family friendly atmosphere. There you can apparantly find teenagers playing D&D while at the next table their parents play cards.


The Con Anti-Harassment Project

The Con Anti-Harassment Project aims to formalize rules and standards to be enforced by con organizers in order to ensure a safe and non-threatening environment for all convention attendees.

It was prompted by a rather … bizarre event. After one recent convention, a blogger posted about how he had expressed a desire to live in a world where one could ask women if you could feel their breasts and they wouldn’t be offended. Whereupon, one of his female friends said “no problem”, and from there it snowballed into asking random females if they minded being groped. Apparently, many said “no problem”. This snowballed in an attempt to give out buttons with “Yes, you may ask me” and “No, you may not ask me” to female con attendees.

Some of the reactions to the post describing these events – from both women and men – were positive. A great number were appalled, however, with many women saying that they already feel creeped out by less-than-gentlemanly male con attendees, and that this type of attitude, couched as voluntary participation or not, is going to make them liable to never attend another con.

The original poster has since realized the damage his post has caused, and has retracted the suggestion that others take up the program. A billion reactions to the post can be read here.

Field Marshal Combat Dice

Field Marshal Games is a new strategy game store, selling war, board, card, role-playing, and miniature games.

They also have an exclusive set of field marshal dice (pictured) for your Risk or A&A games, and a custom dice bag.