Lords of Something, Anyway

David, Ben, and Rosalyn joined me for a New Year’s Eve game night.

Wile waiting for Rosalyn, I tried to teach David and Ben how to play Fairy Tale. Ben took to it well enough, bur David either didn’t like it or simply found the symbols confusing; also, he has expressed in the past that he doesn’t like drafting games, which I forgot until we started. So he needed to be prompted continually on what to do and failed to achieve any kind of success by the end.

Ben understood the game and collected a combination of cards that just edged out my own, winning 24 to 23.

I then taught the four of them how to play Lords of Waterdeep. The game has pretty components and lots of counters, but it’s pretty straightforward to play (if nearly entirely divorced from its supposed theme). All three of them took to this game and enjoyed it more and more as we went on.

My Lord card was the oddball one – points for buildings – which I thought was probably an inferior card, because it’s a lot easier to have access to quest cards than it is to have access to buildings. However, since people didn’t know that I was going for buildings, and since there was a building in play that let you use an action taken by someone else, I managed to get out 5 buildings for 30 points, which was decent (the last time I played, which was my first time, I had completed 7 relevant quests for 28 points).

Since I took an early lead, David and Ben both played occasionally to slow me down, which they did, but I still won by a comfortable margin. David gained a lot of ground with some high-scoring quests. Ben completed a quest that gave him the extra dude by round 3, but it didn’t, in my opinion, make up for the 0 points earned from completing that quest.

The game took about 2 hours.