Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Evanston, IL: Chess coach sends pictures of kids to inmate, possibly along with graphic letters. (source)

Nottingham, UK: War gamer and war game site organizer murdered, possibly related to an argument on the site. (source)

Iowa City, IA: One man murders his neighbor in a confrontation over a Chess game. (source)


That’s the cybernetic, armored, gun covered, nuclear-powered, battle-tank of the future kind. See, before gamers discovered mechs, they played Ogre, a science fiction tactical war game and miniatures system from Steve Jackson Games. But like its weaponized namesake, Ogre is near impossible to kill, so all these years later the game still has a dedicated following. Now, completing a project began some time ago, Steve Jackson has just released an updated edition of Ogre Miniatures in PDF form. It includes all the necessary rules, as well as corrections to previous editions, addenda, FAQs, and record cards for all known Ogre models.

Field Marshal Combat Dice

Field Marshal Games is a new strategy game store, selling war, board, card, role-playing, and miniature games.

They also have an exclusive set of field marshal dice (pictured) for your Risk or A&A games, and a custom dice bag.

More Commands & Colors: Ancients

Though it may not seem like it today, I try not to overdo it with prerelease announcements and teasers for future products. But with new entries for one of my absolute favorite game systems, it’s hard to resist. So let me call your attention to the latest P500 additions from GMT Games, which include two new Commands & Colors: Ancients expansions. Commands & Colors has been a hot seller for GMT and is based on the same system underlying BattleLore and Memoir ’44, both successful games for their publishers. The next two entries in the series will be Expansion #4: Imperial Rome and Expansion #5: Epic Ancients I. Imperial Rome will include scenarios for new battles, as well as units and rules for cataphracted cavalry, wagon laager forts, massed units of horse archers, light infantry tossing caltrops, and others. Epic Ancients will contain components for playing out battles on a larger scale, including a special deck of Command Cards, 14 Battle Dice, 12 Epic Ancients scenarios on 11 x 17 cards, and two double-sided mounted map-boards.

Other games added to the P500 program by GMT in the last few days include:

  • Normandy ’44, a two-player, regimental level, hex-and-counter game of the D-Day landing.
  • Pensacola 1781, a card-driven game in GMT’s Battles of the American Revolution series.
  • Rebel Raiders on the High Seas, a low-complexity, naval warfare game set in the American Civil War.
  • Blackbeard, a reprint of the pirate-themed game released only this past May.

Now go out there and preorder, so I can get my games!

Avalanche Sale

Wargame publisher Avalanche Press is relocating, and to reduce the stock that must be moved, the company is selling its whole range of Panzer Grenadier, Great War at Sea, and other titles for 50 percent off. The sale expires at the end of the week. But if you act quickly, you can buy three and get a fourth for free.

Wargame Downloads

Wargame Vault, due to launch officially on October 1st, has opened for customers a bit early. The retail site for downloadable wargames is the latest venture of OneBookshelf, proprietors of DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. OneBookShelf purchased the store from Mongoose Publishing, which previously ran it under the name Wargaming Online. Wargame Vault launches with over 1,000 products, including maps, printable paper miniatures, board wargames, and miniatures rulesets. For ease of navigation, the site allows you to browse products by combat type, product type, time period, publisher, and price.

Rumors of War

This latest release from Avalanche Press is an expansion for either Third Reich or Great Pacific War. It extends the Third Reich Deluxe Map to the Ural Mountains and includes Iran, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf. Rumors of War also includes 80 more die-cut playing pieces, as well as variants for Iran and for Romania as a major power. There are strategy articles too in this expansion, such as the ones that address economics and island hopping by the French.