More Villains

Green Ronin Publishing has a new sourcebook for the Freedom City campaign setting of Mutants & Masterminds. Freedom’s Most Wanted is available as a PDF and details a whole bunch of villains, as well as the inevitable villainous organizations that they belong to, and the evil weapons and tools they use to further their nefarious goals.


Missionary Conquest: Conquer the World by Martyring Yourself

Missionary Conquest is a game that poses as a spiritual version of Risk, but is more of a money management, light-hearted game of collecting points by visiting different countries as a Christian missionary.

The interesting feature is that you can visit a “hostile” country and martyr yourself, thus taking you out of the game, but possibly handing you the victory anyway, as it gains you a lot of points.

It’s sold by Christian, who also sells 400 other games with Christian themes or suitable for Christians (many are Chess boards and books).

One which amused me was the book titled Dangerous Weapons: The French. It’s a Chess book about the “French Defense” strategy.

D&D Starter Set and D&D Deluxe Set

Hasbro has a new D&D Starter Set. For $17 you get an introductory version of the 4th Edition rules, dice, map tiles, and an adventure. Characters are pregen, and no system is offered to generate characters. (source)

Swinging the other direction, the D&D Deluxe Set books feature embossed, premium foil covers, and premium, gilt-edged paper. They cost $75.

Licenses Keep Hasbro Floating

Hasbro continues to do well, buoyed by its lucrative licenses, such as Iron Man, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

Many see toys and games as the hot ticket during recessions, as they are cheaper than alternatives such as expensive video game systems, movies, or travel.

Hasbro’s shares are off 25% for the last two months, but still up from the beginning of the year.


Gearing Up for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Chitag is Nov 20 to 23, and they’re packing in the activities this year.

Nov 20 to 21 (or maybe 23) is the Toy and Game Inventors Expo. Meet the big guys from the industry, learn inside tips, and maybe hit it big.

Nov 21 is a new Toy and Game Inventor award presentation.

Nov 22 to 23 is the fair, with renaissance chess, a young inventor challenge, and tons of toy and game exhibitors.

Weekly Game Criminal Roundup

Upper Calarian, Phillipines: Village councilor shot while playing a card game by two man riding tandem on a motorcycle. (source)

St Kitts, West Indies: One man sentenced for hitting another with a wooden stick after a Dominoes game. (source)

Yonkers, NY: Two men with shotguns rob 6 people at a private card game. (source)

Albany, NY: Card game broken up when a man breaks in and begins shooting. One man at the party arrested for outstanding warrant. (source)

Die Laughing

This Saturday in Yakima, Washington, Crucifiction Games will host the fourth annual Horror Rules Mini Con. Horror Rules is the company’s tongue-in-cheek roleplaying game for recreating modern horror movies. Particularly suited for one-shot play, the game makes no apologies for focusing on the silly and campy. You know those moments where a character’s action will obviously bring him closer to death… Well, in this game, such actions earn Stupid Thing Points, which players will need later to trade in for Luck or Second Thought Points.