Settlers of Catan Reviews

Two sites discovered Settlers of Catan this week:

PlayThisThing, Greg Costikyan’s blog on everything cool in video games outside the mainstream.

Sword in the Stone, an anime, comic, and game store in Whitesburg, Kentucky.

World’s Tiniest Chess Set … Again

We last reported on the world’s smallest chess board (no pieces) at 2.5 mm by 2.5 mm, and the world’s smallest chess set (with pieces) at 24 mm by 24 mm.

The next world’s smallest chess set with pieces is a mere 3.5 mm by 2.5 mm and it’s also gorgeous. It’s not just a plain old set, it’s a work of art.

The guy who makes it also makes tiny camels that pass through the eyes of needles.


South Mountain from MMP

Multiman Publishing is shipping South Mountain, a hex-and-counter game of the Civil War battle known by the same name. The game is part of MultiMan’s the Gamers Regimental Sub-Series.

The Guardian on Gaming in Education

guardian_logo.jpgThe Guardian weighs in on the rising phenomenon of using games in the classroom.

The article covers the obstacles that games have in joining educational curricula, namely that they are considered “fun”, and “fun” can’t be learning, right?


Call of Duty Real-Time CCG

The latest video game to CCG making news is Call of Duty, set to become a simultaneous real-time CCG from Upper Deck Entertainment.

Real-time? “During the course of a game, a player might play a card every three seconds until a “pause” card is played… A pause card halts the action and resolves a powerful effect on the battlefield. A few examples of pause cards include Bayonet Charge, Rifle Grenade, Anti-Personnel Mine, and Lt. General George S. Patton.”

The goal of the game is to “frag” the most soldiers within a given amount of time. Each squad deck will include a 60-card deck, 8 Soldier cards, 2 Mission cards, Double-sided game map, and Rules sheet.

It is scheduled to be released in Fall, 2008.

Latest Card Game Idiocy

Grand Rapids, MI: A woman pleaded not guilty to leaving her three children (ages 5, 10, and 13)  in a car while she played poker for several hours. The kids were found at 1 am by a passerby. Game: Texas Hold’em.


Entry Fee Now $5 For Cribbage Games in Augusta, ME

You can now charge a $5 entry fee to a cribbage game in Augusta, Maine. The previous entry fee cap was $1.

The new law is called “An Act to Amend Games of Cards”, and was introduced after a cribbage game at the American Legion was busted.